Unfortunately we were only present on the 15th, so we can’t speak for those that attended the concert on the 14th, but here’s what we have to say about the 15th!

Before the concert I had been extremely tired, to the point of falling asleep in my chair waiting for the concert to begin! The second BIGBANG took the stage, the atmosphere became electric, and ironically, I became alive once more. Any thought of tiredness was completely blown out of my mind by the ringing screams of fans, and boy was I loving it.

I was actually very surprised, up until BIGBANG’s concert, every other K-pop concert in the UK had a small percentage of males. But the crowd was very mixed, full of screaming male and female fans alike. The fans’ fashion too, was surprising, in the best way possible. Bright colours and studs, spatterings of Jeremy Scott, Boy London and COMME des F*CK DOWN, it was a fashion photographers dream.

7:30pm the show began, BIGBANG rose onto the stage and the whole stadium erupted into cheers. The atmosphere alone could have made an anti fan excited. It was pretty amazing to look out upon the sea of crown lightsticks that every BIGBANG fan has dreamt of being a part of. Unfortunately the lightstick missions that people organised didn’t go to plan, but it didn’t make the concert any less amazing.

From the members speaking English, Seungri’s English accent and the members’ threats to leave Seungri in London with instructions to ‘make sure he’s fed’, the BIGBANG members had fans excited even when they weren’t performing. The performances themselves were explosive, with Haru Haru being one of my favourites since the audience sang the chorus together. It was a really touching moment and some fans even cried, even I was feeling emotional!

I also enjoyed the dancers’ performances, it was a great way to showcase their talents and allow BIGBANG time to get ready for their own performances. My favourite back up dancers were of course, the infamous Kwon Twins, who I actually met on the Friday outside the Hilton Hotel!

Overall, the concert was amazing and really showed how unique they are, and if they were to debut in the UK they would definitely stand out. Another One Direction? Not a chance.

Let us know your favourite moments from the concert in the comments section, and check out our photos below!

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