Here in the United Kingdom, we are home to some truly talented fashion designers. YG artists such as CL and G-Dragon are frequently admired for their style and taste in fashion. Here I’m going to be showing you a selection of my favourite outfits, designed by UK designers and worn by the artists of YG.


Here Lee Hi can be seen wearing a really cute dress from House of Holland. I love the colours and the pattern, it really suits her!

Sadly I think this dress is now sold out, but if you’re lucky and a good detective you might be able to hunt one down on the internet. Or, if you like the style of the dress, you can find similar ones on the House of Holland website.



Going into the past slightly, back to 2NE1’s Fire era, you can see both CL and Park Bom showing their appreciation of Alexander McQueen’s fashion range.

Again, you’ll probably need to stalk Ebay or other second hand designer clothes shops, as both CL’s shirt and Bom’s clutch are old products.




Next we have some stunning jewellery from Butler and Wilson, one of my favourite designers.  Based in London and with several other shops around the country (I know for certain that there is one in Leeds!) you can find some truly unique and remarkable pieces from this designer.  This is probably the reason why the jewellery is so popular with G-Dragon, who I frequently see sporting their designs. So here we have GD wearing the Large Eye Necklace, which you can find on the online store for £128. TOP is wearing the Large Lips Necklace, which fetches a slightly more expensive price of £158.

GD is also wearing a Butler and Wilson broach but unfortunately I think it’s either sold out or they’ve stopped selling it because I can’t find it anywhere.






Now, bringing us into the year 2012, we have this brilliant Alex Mattsson Rainbow jacket, that GD can be seen wearing in the Crayon music video. I really like this jacket, I think it’s a shame that it’s not in the video for very long! I don’t have an exact price of the jacket, but I’m guessing it’s not going to be cheap! But hey if you’re wearing these clothes you probably don’t need to ask about the price anyway.





Finally, for those of you who were lucky enough to see Big Bang this December, (and even those of you who weren’t) you might remember seeing Big Bang wearing an array of Boy London clothes. I think Big Bang wear this collection really well, and the style suits them. You can pick all of these up from the Boy London website from £35 to £55 – which is very reasonable compared to the rest of the products on this list!





Stay tuned next week for the next Special Edition SM Town UK Style!



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