Over 2012, British newspaper ‘the Guardian’ has featured a great amount of K-Pop-related articles, their journalists seem eager to delve into the genre as much as possible. BIGBANG’s ‘Fantastic Baby’ MV has now been mentioned yet again, but this time as part of their ‘2012 Pop Video Awards’!

The piece sets out to mark the year’s ‘finest achievements in the world of moving pictures set to music for promotional purposes’.

The segment feature BIGBANG‘s unique music video is aptly titled: “Best K-Pop video to feature an owl”. it reads:

“In 2012 boyband videos reached their nadir with One Direction sitting in a studio singing an Ed Sheeran song at each other IN BLACK AND WHITE, but the supremely demented Fantastic Baby video establishes global equilibrium.” – Peter Robinson (‘The Guardian’ 27/12/2012).

Clearly, the writer juxtaposes the arguably more tame offerings that British Pop has, compared to the much more outlandish and daring pieces that K-Pop offers its listeners.

You can read the full article here.

BIGBANG have been very well received by UK audiences this year, this strange accolade is something to add to their list after two successful nights at Wembley Arena earlier this month!

(You can read our coverage on one of those nights here!)

Hopefully, this means good things regarding the possibility of future K-Pop events in th UK next year!

What do you think of the article?

What unique awards would you give to your favourite K-Pop acts? 😛

[Sources: Google Images, The Guardian website, BIGBANG Official Facebook Page].



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