Picked up a copy of this week’s Time Out magazine while walking around Central London today and spotted brief details on Teen Top’s forthcoming concert at Kentish Town Forum in the music/upcoming events pages.


Nice to see some Kpop concerts get a mention in a magazine or papers, no matter how small the column may be. I don’t know Teen Top’s music very well since I haven’t been following Kpop as much as I used to, so it was interesting to read what the writer had said about the band.

On the other hand I’ve listened to Shinhwa so I know who Andy Lee is but I had no idea he created Teen Top which is quite impressive. Is he the Gary Barlow of South Korea though? I honestly haven’t sat down to think of any Korean musician who could be of that status or wrote similar lyrics to Gary. Might research on this when I’m free.

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Teen Top fans, hope you enjoy yourselves at the London concert.


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