South Korea is renowned for a number of industries, including music, film, fashion and face/body products. I recently purchased this cleansing foam (via Kpop Mart) so read on to find out why I would/wouldn’t recommend it.

When the product arrived, I quickly realised that besides the name and the ingredients, all the writing was in Korean. Unfortunately the Korean skills that I do possess are limited but, thankfully, Kpop Mart had a product description in English on the product page. I bought the peach version, and though the site does mention peach extracts and herbs, and the product might be called ‘Herb Day’, but don’t be fooled; this cleanser isn’t an all natural product. The regular chemicals can be found in it so if you’re looking for a natural product, free of chemical ingredients, stay away from this cleanser.

It’s strong enough to remove my make-up but I don’t wear thick foundation with endless layers of powder/bronzer/blusher so I can’t say if it would be strong enough to remove thicker foundations. I must warn you, don’t make the same mistake as me. As a new user of the product, the first time I used it I dived straight in and tried to remove all my make-up… Eyes, please forgive me! You might want to avoid rubbing this into your eyes. In fact, just steer clear of your eyes completely, even when you rinse your face. Those nasty chemicals are in attack mode.

You probably only need a small squeeze to cover your face. I’ve found that if you don’t use water as well as the foam, you just get a really thick texture that doesn’t go very far. This also happens if you use too much. You can find a nice balance between the two – I like to splash my face with water first and then use the product. I haven’t witnessed a ‘foam’ though, as the name would suggest. While there aren’t copious amounts of bubbles, the product does its job, so I don’t mind. It’s more like a face cream than anything.

Although it sounds like I’m not really in favour of this product, I would actually recommend it! If you can get over the fact it isn’t natural, or that it might sting your eyes, or that it isn’t bubbly, it’s a pretty good deal. There’s a nice peach scent, but not overpoweringly so. The packaging is aesthetically pleasing; it’s simple and clean. It leaves your skin soft and smooth (but you might will want to moisturise after use). It cleans your face. And at just under £4 (from Kpop Mart, anyway) for a big bottle, it’s a steal!

Overall I would rate the Herb Day Cleansing Foam seven out of ten. Since it comes in five other ‘flavours’ besides peach, maybe next time I’ll try another one. If you decide to buy some, let us know what you think!


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