Conquering the heavy rain in the city, I finally got the chance to try out Galbi Bros‘s new Korean burger stall today.

Broadgate Circle in Liverpool Street was starting to get busy during the lunch hour and no thanks to the heavy rain in the afternoon, it took me a while to find the location of the Galbi Bros‘s stall but I just followed the smell of burgers and the long queue that was building up. Moses and Hanbit were busy cooking the rice buns and beefburgers, occasionally chatting to the customers who waited to get their food orders taken by the ladies further down the stall.


The burgers available to order are the Galbi (beefburger in Korean marinade), Dak burger (chicken), Don burger (spicy pork) and the Naked burger (choice of burger and salad). All cost £5 individually but if you wanted Kimchi added you would be charged extra. You can even choose whether you want a normal bun for your burger or the grilled rice one. As well as ordering the burgers on their own, there is also a Brother Set which consists of a burger of your choice plus side dishes in the form of fried potatoes and a salad. I was rather peckish during the afternoon so I decided to go for the Brother Set with the Don burger which cost me £7.

While waiting for my spicy pork burger the lady serving me prepared the salad and potatoes in a separate box which I then put in a brown bag along with cutlery and serviette. Cooking the actual burgers and rice bun was constant. There were no breaks at all. The chefs just kept going and each time a burger was ready one of the ladies would then put it in the prepared bun then add the rest of the toppings. Less than five minutes of waiting and my fresh burger was given to me right away.

My box with the side dishes looked like this


Inside content. Yummy salad


This was how the rice bun looked.



I was amazed with how the rice bun was soft yet also crispy, easy to bite into. No mess from biting into the entire burger. Another thing which I noticed from eating my way through this rice bun was that it did not leave me feeling bloated which normally happens if I’ve eaten a massive burger. The pork was not spicy at all and still very tasty. It complimented the rice bun rather well.


Overall:- Delicious Korean style burgers. The additional side dishes satisfied my hunger perfectly.  Definitely try these burgers when you want a good, light snack at lunch.  I will probably pay another visit to the stall to try another burger or maybe add Kimchi as an additional topping to get the extra zing. Really appreciate the prompt service from all the staff who were helpful and polite as they served the many customers waiting in the queue.   These guys don’t just make great videos, they offer yummy Korean burgers too.

Since Galbi Bros is a mobile stall, they will move around to various locations so be sure to check their Facebook page or Twitter for updates.


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