Trapped in yet another set from the depths of SM’s commendable box collection, featuring Super Junior‘s Kyuhyun and SHINee’s Taemin, is Henry with ‘Trap’…

‘Trap’’s concept is one for which the SM formula lends itself. There are three main sets, the more elaborate set in fiery autumnal shades complete with grand piano, and two choreography rooms, one of which also features a grand piano. As SM is known for using large rooms in almost all of their mv’s it can’t be said that the following point is a specific concept choice, but it certainly fits well for Henry’s mv. The use of the rooms allows for a restriction to be put on Henry and anyone else in the shot, they are all trapped in the scene. Even in the additional ‘setting’ of the Ferrari, when he is out of the confines of inside and in the outside world he is still trapped within the supercar.

Henry’s lyrics tell you he’s in darkness, and this is reflected in all of the sets. Even the fiery set has a dark nature about it with its overcast graphics of a red, angry sky.
This particular set is where the narrative of ‘Trap’ happens. Henry is singing of becoming tired, dreaming alone, and needing to wake up. In the fiery set his weak, and tired self daydreams of the girl whose heart he’s become trapped in. His emotion and frustration over his mental situation begins to show as he takes out his feelings on his surroundings. As he does we encounter more nods to the lyrics such as the birdcage he throws to the ground, Henry compares his situation of being unable to free himself from the heart of the girl to an abandoned bird trapped in a small birdcage. Thus through his destruction and reflection he can attempt to wake up, fly and break free, his piano setting alight and his break for freedom in the Ferrari are his attempt. However, in the end, he’s still playing his piano trapped in the confines of his fiery dream.

While the concept and storytelling in the video are really impressive, unlike a lot of music videos to come out of SM, the costumes feel a little lack luster (as does the choreography, but more on that later…). SM’s new favourite piece, the varsity socks, make an appearance in ‘Trap’, strengthening the conclusion that the styling here is stagnant and predictable. Having said that, an eye-catcher is the crown snapback; a crown, plus the snapback, equals Henry’s crown snapback! It isn’t exactly practical for every day wear, but it looks super cool in this video.

As for the choreography, there’s a really neat phrase at the beginning of the chorus, and the hand flicks to the sound of the piano are fun! Yet as the chorus heads to its close, the choreography takes a turn for the worst, with simple, boring movements. Though, since the song is so catchy, the need for an elaborate dance is withdrawn, which is why it’s not disappointing to see more simple choreo at the end with the handkerchiefs because, hey, they included handkerchiefs! Another fun element to the overall deep and meaningful video.

Check out the video below!

[youtube id=”IsXB5eRMRno”]

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//A collaboration between Ella Kaill and Lore Walsh.


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