“The Greatest Shows on Earth” is a new series which is aired on Channel 4. In an attempt to discover the differences between cultures, presenter Daisy Donovan travels around the world to find out which TV Shows are most popular in each country.

The episode featuring South Korea’s Infinite Challenge will be episode 4 and will air on Monday 8th July at 10pm.

So far, South Korea are known for only two things. One being the tensions with North Korea, and another being PSY’s hit Gangnam Style. For this reason, most of the British public have a very limited view on the country, and in my opinion this show could bring an opportunity to help them understand the country a bit more.

Along with all this, the show will also feature a TV talk show with some North Korean women telling us about their life in North Korea. Although it may feel important to us K-Pop fans to have others know more about the country we love, I think it’s also important for them to learn the life of the people living on the other side. There are many cultural differences between Asia and Europe, so I will be looking forward to Daisy’s reaction when she see’s South Korean entertainment!

So we have seen South Korea been put in the spotlight a lot more this year, do you think it will become more well known by next year?


Or, more importantly…do you want it to become more well known?
Don’t forget to tune in, and let us know what you’ve thought of it!


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