When I’m at home, on Facebook I always see people posting photos of their bubble tea, saying how great it is. Until this year, I’ve always had my eye open for a place to buy some but I could never find any.

Recently, I’ve seen them everywhere! So, hopefully if any of you have the same problem that I’ve had, this will help you.

1. Bubbleology


From left to right, taro, honeydew and banoffee

So far, Bubbleology has to be my favourite. Compared to the other places I’ve been to they didn’t have much of a variety (unless I have missed a menu somewhere) and so my options were limited. This had been the third time I’ve tried bubble tea so I’m still not sure what flavour to get, what extra toppings to get etc, but the worker there was amazing with helping me choose! She recommended me the taro one as it was her personal favourite, and she also told me that taro and honeydew are the two best sellers. Many people have described taro as tasting like cookies, and I have to say I fully agree! I really enjoyed it. Another difference with Bubbleology from the other places I’ve been to is that they put slightly more tapioca bubbles in.

In addition to the bubble tea itself, the whole place is themed! The shop is set out like a laboratory, withe the ‘Bubbleologists’ (workers) wearing white lab coats, humorous formula chalked onto the wall, potions on display and the staff room with a metal ‘Top Secret’ door. This is a really fun idea and it’s definitely different to your average restaurant or cafe.

Visit their main site here!

They have 4 stores in London, find out where they are!

2. Up…T


Brown rice


Up…T is in Chinatown, and I just happened to come across this one. The place was quite small and had only a couple of seats but the flavours they had were endless! Although I didn’t get as many bubbles in this one, the flavour was really good. I’d never heard of brown rice as a flavour in a drink before so I decided to try it, and it’s surprisingly sweet! This is more of a quick stop off to get bubble tea, rather than a sit and chat with your friends sort of place.

If you want to visit, the address is;
12 Little Newport Street
London WC2H 7JJ

3. Cuppacha



Although I didn’t know this at the time, Cuppacha is a relatively new place, and I’ve also heard that they have a history of their pearls clumping together. They’ve since solved this problem and they’ve been getting increasingly popular. I’ve found that the bubble teas here aren’t as sweet as Bubbleology and Up…T, which is good for those who aren’t really into the sweet ones. My sister had matcha flavour from here and Up…T and repeatedly told me that she preferred this one as it wasn’t too sweet. The place is really cute, again with just a few seats.

This is their address;
23 Newport Court

These are some other bubble tea places which might be useful also.


61 Charing Cross Road

Boba Jam

100-102 Shaftesbury Avenue
London W1D 5EE


11 Old Compton Street

Have you tried any of these? Which would you recommend? Leave your answer in the comments section!


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