Calling all SM fans, are you up for a big challenge? Brave enough to join in a flashmob?

A few fellow fans have arranged a very exciting approach to capture SM‘s attention and show that London (or the UK in general!!) wants their favourite artists to tour on our side of the globe. In order to do this they will be hosting a SMTOWN Flashmob in London. Fans participating will require to learn a dance routine and rehearsals and tutorials will be provided to help you out. Join this group as this is where the key information will be posted.

If you don’t want to be part of the flashmob dance you can still pop along to have fun with fellow fans and enjoy the SM playlist during the day. The flashmob will take place on Saturday 31 August 2013 in Trafalgar Square. Those of you who want to be a part of this project and definitely know you can attend should aim to arrive in Trafalgar Square around 1PM as there will be two practices at 1:15PM and 1:45PM. The flashmob is scheduled to kick off at 2PM.

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Full details of the actual event can be found on the Facebook event page.


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