On 06.08.2013 G-Dragon surprised UK VIP’s by taking a  trip to London for unknown reasons.

On 07.08.2013 the rap star was spotted in Whitby Street, Shoreditch in East London filming something. This photo was posted onto Instagram by bigbang_vipswagg.

When we saw the camera, we automatically assumed he’s filming a music video. It was a long shot and he really could have been doing anything.

But then, on 08.08.2013, Marc Davies (@marcdavies) posted these updates on twitter.
photo (47)


“Just finished filming my first pop video with @GDragonINA” In some of the replies, it’s revealed that he’s mentioned the wrong name and he was meaning to mention G-Dragon.

“@IBGDRGN thanks for coming! #pimpsandpinups”
“Thanks for coming tonight @IBGDRGN #gdragon #pimpsandpinups #newsingle”

He then went on to update a photo of G-Dragon, with the caption
“#gdragon on set at #pimpsandpinups for his #newsingle …. @ Pimps & Pinups” note that Pimps & Pinups is a hair salon located in Spitalfields.

pimpsandpinups posted the same photo onto their official Instagram, captioning it with “Last night we had the pleasure of having Korean superstar #GDragon shoot the video for his new single.”


Photo – marcdavies + pimpsandpinups (Instagram)

After about an hour, the photo from both accounts have since been deleted, as well as the tweets linking to it. He then sent a tweet explaining how he wasn’t supposed to say anything about it until next week.

photo (49)


“Apparently I was not allowed to post anything but can soon. #iwishiwastoldfirst”

So, through a common mistake we now know that G-Dragon is in fact filming a music video in London! Who’s excited?


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