The Appletox Set from Tony Moly is definitely the cutest cosmetic set I’ve ever owned. Though many may feel that pretty packaging can sometimes only be making up for a lacking product, the Appletox products have much more substance than this. (And if you buy it now from KC Boutique, they have a 15% discount!)

Red Appletox Honey Cream 80ml

This product is designed to keep skin firm and maintain elasticity. While I can’t say I’m old enough to worry about sagging skin, the ingredients offer other notable benefits. The Royal Jelly extract is said to be good at calming troublesome skin, in that it reduces redness. The apple acid makes for lovely smooth skin and the propolis and black honey moisturize skin and are teeming with minerals and antioxidants! However, it is suggested that you only use this between one and three times a week, suggesting that these ingredients can be harsh on skin if used too often. I would suggest having a lighter moisturizer to use daily.

The top half of the apple unscrews and comes away completely, leaving a small spatula used to dip into the cream and a plastic lid covering the cream. By just dipping the spatula into the cream, you get more than enough product to cover your entire face! Since you’ll only use this a few times a week, and hardly any of it, the longevity of this product makes it excellent value for money. The cream is more like a thin gel and has a sharp apple scent, and while the smell won’t last very long, it’s yet another appealing factor about the Honey Cream.

Once you’ve applied the cream and massaged it in to help the absorption process, there’s no need to wash any excess off. The product would be better used at night though since it does take a little while to be fully absorbed and this could make any makeup application a little tricky, especially during a morning rush!

 Skin feels soft and smooth even hours after using the Honey Cream and I’m sure after having used this product over a long span of time, even better results would become apparent.

Appletox Smooth Massage Peeling Cream 80ml

The name of this product is a little misleading. While ‘peeling’ suggests that this might be a peeling face mask, it’s more of an exfoliating cream. The cream doesn’t have any small exfoliating pearls like you might expect, but I assume it has salicylic acid in because the effect is pretty dramatic… Try not to use this more than twice a week or the harsh ingredients could dry your skin out! I think it’s necessary to use a moisturizer after using this product or your skin will start to produce sebum and other oils which will just undo all the lovely things the Peeling Cream did for your face.

Notable ingredients are green apple extract and papaya extract, both of which contain antioxidants and are natural sources of Malic acid. It contains AHA, which works in a similar w

ay to salicylic acid, by helping to remove dead skin cells,  and a number of vitamins to help keep skin firm and bright.

The packaging works the same way as the Honey Cream, except this product is a green apple and doesn’t come with the spatula, though it isn’t really necessary. Again, there is the fresh apple smell but maybe not quite as prominent as with the Honey Cream. The cream is a perfect white colour but the apple scent keeps it from feeling too clinical. It’s possible that you’d use this up more quickly that the Honey Cream but you still don’t need a lot to cover your entire face! Massage the cream onto your face for between one and two minutes (maybe sing a song in your head because two minutes is a long time to be rubbing your face) and then leave it alone for another 30 seconds. This is perhaps the weirdest part because tiny white clumps of dead skin begin to appear on your face. After that you’re free to wash it off! Though the actual ‘peeling’ part may sound somewhat freaky, the end result is amazing; after using it my skin feels smoother than after using any other product I’ve ever tried.

I’d say that both products are incredibly great value for money, especially after considering their shelf life, the quality of the packaging and their effectiveness. I can tell my skin is certainly smoother after using both products and that’s only after about two weeks! I’m sure both products are suitable for all skin types, but do remember to moisturize after the Peeling Cream and to not use the products more than the recommended amount. Overall I’d give the Appletox Set  9/10, which it really does deserve, not only for its practical use, but it makes a really cute addition to your bathroom!




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