Kimchee To Go is the ‘food to go’ alternative of its predecessor Kimchee Restaurant.

Anyone who has eaten at Kimchee in High Holborn may recognise some of the foods on offer at the two take away/fast food branches of said restaurant. The Kimchee chefs have recreated some of their restaurant dishes so that they’re available for takeaway. It’s also to introduce quick, healthy Korean dishes to brighten your mealtimes. Sounds good to me I thought so I decided to have a try and went to Kimchee To Go‘s New Oxford Street branch for a light lunch snack.

There is a huge variety of food on offer. You can get small desserts, side dishes like the mighty Kimchi, cold drinks such as Citron Tea and Coke. You can also find appetising salads, Kimbaps, hot soup noodles, cold Bibimbap and pastries with a variety of ingredients (I need to try one of these. It looked intriguing).

The Dosirak aka “the grown up lunch box” had a few treats to choose from. I decided to try the Chan Vegetable Dosirak and bought plum tea as my drink to go with the little meal. My box had two little potatoes dipped in soy sauce, sliced apple, cucumber and carrot in salad sauce, four tofu-filled Kimbaps and a portion of cold Jap Chae. For £6.45 this was very worth it. I didn’t feel so full up or bloated after eating everything. It was enough.


The sweetness from the plum tea complimented my meal. Normally I would need something sweet if I’ve eaten a meal which has some oil and salt added. The tea cost £1.45. You can also buy an Aloe Vera drink.


Kimchee To Go recently introduced a loyalty stamp card so each time you spend more than £5, you get a stamp. I managed to get two stamps that day because of a limited promotion for customers who visited Kimchee To Go last week. Food is consistently fresh. You can see the small kitchen near the dining area and there are chefs constantly cooking away before boxing them up and stocking them on the shelves. Staff service was very welcoming and efficient.

The New Oxford Street branch opened recently and compared to Strand you might find it quieter inside though you have more chance of finding a seat during the busy lunch hours. It’s hidden in one corner of New Oxford Street, just opposite Tottenham Court Road Station and Centre Point and you won’t see it as easily like the Strand branch.

Overall: I definitely recommend people to pay a visit to Kimchee To Go if you want a light meal in the form of quick, healthy Korean food at affordable prices.

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