We’re sure you’re probably tired of hearing about Jay Park’s European Tour, supported by VICTOR, but we have just one more thing to ask of you before the big London show on Saturday. We’re happy to announce that we’ll be exclusively interviewing them on the day of the concert so this is what we have to ask you; what would you like to ask Jay Park and VICTOR? Read on for more info.

If you could ask Jay Park and/or VICTOR anything what would it be? If you missed your chance to meet Jay Park, you now have a chance to have them answer your question! And here’s how;

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All you have to do is comment on this article with your question and name. We’ll be picking some of the best questions ourselves and if your question is chosen, we’ll be asking it to Jay Park or VICTOR in person – and of course, you’ll get the credit for the question!

You only have until Friday 6PM GMT to ask away, so get your questions in now!

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