It was an immense battle between Jaywalkerz in our comments section, all bidding to win a meet and greet ticket to meet Jay Park at his London show. Our giveaway ended yesterday at 11:59PM, and we’ve collated the votes, and now, for the winners announcement…

Due to outstanding evidence of cheating by unnamed participants, we regret to say they have been disqualified. We hope that in future giveaways, everyone can participate fairly to give all entrants an equal chance to win.

The winners are now as follows…
[table] ///
Shannice (@supremebambi)

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Bethany (@NicklePickle4)

Congratulations! Invazi will be in touch shortly regarding the details.


In regards to the oft quoted comment of ‘we can only tell you to do what you can to beat the others, whether or not they’re cheating’, to clarify, that was to a fan who said others were cheating, it was meant that you can only do what you can to win, despite the possible cheating of other entrants. It was not, in any way, an invitation to cheat in the contest.


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