So far Alternate Listening Tuesday has featured All Kill R&B artist Bumkey, rapper turned one-man-band SALTNPAPER, and rap battle starter Swings

Today we’re going to take a look at an acoustic indie production team with a mysterious element, and one of their main collaborators.

Standing EGG

Known simply as Egg 1, Egg 2 and Egg 3 they produce and compose the music and lyrics for all the tracks Standing EGG create.
The name Standing EGG comes from how hard it is to make an egg stand up, it takes much care and precision, and the members of the group vow to put that same care and precision into each piece of music they make. Egg 1, Egg 2, and Egg 3 follow their own important production formula of individuality, thought, concept and philology to create their unique style.

You’ll find all kinds of musical influences from these producers, folk, pop, jazz and maybe surprisingly more intense genres like punk.

As they choose to remain anonymous they feature indie artists for their live performances and occasionally feature them on their studio tracks too. Their guest artists sometimes change, but there have been some consistencies since their debut in 2010. The Standing EGG live band most often consists of vocalist and guitarist CloverHan Gyul on double bass, and djembe player Hana.

photo: officiallykmusicLeft to right: Han Gyul, Clover & Hana

Standing EGG are currently preparing to release their third album Shine next month, so be sure to watch out for that!

Let’s take a looks at a release from Standing EGG.

Miss Flower

[youtube id=”D9R2h8f44FU”]


Miss Flower is the most recent release from their Ambler album. To Amble is to walk at a slow, relaxing pace, especially for pleasure, and being the title track Miss Flower encapsulates this feeling for its springtime release.
It takes us on a beautiful trip around settings in which the young couple in the mv can ‘amble’ through. The young couple are played by Jang Dong Hyuk and Park Seul. It is like a moving postcard of rural areas of South Korea, the perfect advert for the gems of the country.

Standing EGG apply much of their musical processes to their imagery, so that their mvs have the same individuality and thought.


So, take Standing EGG out live and we come back to Clover. He’s not the voice on Miss Flower but he way well be the man you’d hear sing it if you saw Standing EGG play, unless Shine brings us a new male vocalist for live performances of course. Known primarily as Clover for his work with Standing EGG, the singer/songwriter has actually begun to promote himself under his own name.

Ryu Seok Won

Just like Standing EGG released Miss Flower in time for spring Seok Won’s release fell in the same season, but he took a rather different approach.

Grown up

[youtube id=”fz-u5fNyLN8″]

Concept and Style

Grown Up does what it says what it says on the tin. It shows the artist in a mature light. In everything he has done with Standing EGG Clover is more often than not found looking exactly like you’d expect an indie guitarist to look, young and cool.

photo: Ryuseokwon@facebook

Instead for Grown Up he’s sophisticated and cool, yet you can still see his youth through the children in the mv.

So, where else can you find Standing EGG?

  • Maybe the mellow indie sounds of their debut lalala will remind you of some of your favourite western groups?
  • Standing EGG also have a regular female vocalist named windy, here is an mv for one of her songs, A Perfect Day

What about Clover / Ryu Seok Won?

  • Here’s his debut with a little help from Standing EGG, One Wave
  • How about watching his cover Irish artist Damien Rice’s The Blower’s Daughter?
  • Or adding his indie flare to the R&B style of Ne Yo’s So Sick.

Standing EGG         

Ryu Seok Won          


What do you think of these artists? Do their styles appeal to you or do you prefer something more upbeat?
Let us know what you think and if there are any styles of music you’d like to see feature in an ALT article! 


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