K-pop Music Video Breakdown returns with G-Dragon‘s latest release, Crooked! The video, serving as a platform for his music and his fashion, sees him on our own soil, running around the streets of London.

From dingy basement clubs to red brick streets outside, the star showcases his many fashions (25, to be exact) in across the city, sporting gear from designers based in all corners of the globe. A notable UK designer is Vivienne Westwood – fitting, since the video was filmed in the United Kingdom. Taking inspiration from decades of British (and global) fashion, G-Dragon dons a range of outfits from 80’s mod to 50’s teddy boy. His outstanding ability to make these styles work, plus the environment in which he wears them, makes for a sense of authenticity and realism about the video.

The video omits a sense of frustration, of being kicked down by the world over and over. This feeling is compressed, and seems to explode in a form of letting go and just not caring anymore. G-Dragon has a lot of fun partying and breaking rules – not always getting away with it, mind you. Even after having been battered by the world, the Hallyu star still finds it in him to party and let loose at the end of the night. The chord progression and the occasional background shout means that ‘Crooked’ serves as an anthem for the younger generation who might feel angry, frustrated, want to look for an escape, or just don’t have a direction in life yet. Though, never is the idea of ‘giving up’ portrayed in this video. Maybe a message to the masses?

This video is brimming with symbolism – or maybe that’s what comes from looking too hard. The shots at the start of the video show G-Dragon walking and running away from the camera and are soon replaced with him running towards the camera. This could mean he was running away from his fears and worries, but then decided he would face them and run at them, headstrong. If not, perhaps he is at first running into his future, and then turns back, afraid of the responsibility and the ‘big wide world’. This links back to the youth anthem suggestion. When we see the idol alone in seedy locations like the grim flat and public bathroom, the idea could be that he is hiding from this overwhelming responsibility. In the same way, the partying/drinking scenes could be representative of his will to forget and let go, hiding behind a happy facade.

…Or maybe G-Dragon just wants to party! Share your ideas in the comments below and let us know what you thought of the video!




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