9034K are a cover dance group made up of 5 members from various backgrounds. They formed only last year, but have made quite a mark as a dance ensemble in this very short time, becoming the UK representatives for the KBS K-Pop World Festival in Changwon 2013 after winning the KCC 2013 K-Pop Contest. The girls have even been dubbed the ‘British 4Minute’!

They now need our help to get through to the next round, so check out how you can vote for them below!

The winners will be determined by adding votes by netizens on the KBS homepage, amount of hits amassed on YouTube and points given by the competition panel altogether.

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Check out their video on YouTube and see what you think of their skills!

Voting is open from today and you can vote for 9034K here on the KBS homepage.

Be sure to check out 9034K’s Official Facebook page too!

It is planned that 9034K will be able to host dance tutorials for UK K-Pop fans in the near future, so please show them your support and show that British K-Pop fans are behind them!


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