Jay Park‘s fellow AOMG member Cha Cha Malone surprised his fans with his recent update on Instagram.

Cha Cha is apparently working on a new song featuring Britain’s Got Talent winner Paul Potts…but also Italian tenor Andrea Bocelli. He updated his Instagram with a short video clip of him attempting to sing operatically in the studio and the following caption:-

“Workin’ on my new album feat. Paul Potts and Andrea Bocelli.”

Workin' on my new album feat. Paul Potts and Andrea Bocelli.

Many months ago we heard PSY and Dr Brian May were going to work on a new song together which surprised many Kpop and Queen fans and continuing the random collaboration of different music genres we now have Cha Cha working with two very popular opera stars.

Paul Potts is no stranger to Korea as he has travelled there regularly for performances and other special events, as has Andrea Bocelli, and recently became an Ambassador to Korea Tourism on his latest visit. What do you think this song will consist of? Will it be a fusion of opera and hip-hop? Will all three men perform a well-known Aria together and modernise it to appeal to the classical and hip-hop fans?

Unless Cha Cha was genuinely joking in his video we can only wait for more information. **edit** We got a reply from Paul Potts himself about our article and he said he hadn’t heard anything about such a collab but said he’d check with his manager.


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