elstinko‘ is a South Korean fashion brand that is characterised by its very bright colours and ‘beast/monster-like’ themes. The brand has many interesting products comprising of a variety of hats, backpacks and clothing.

This particular product is actually a jumper, despite its deceptive title (though elstinko also has some t-shirts in its range). The jumper has some funny features in the multiple orange ‘horns’ protruding from both shoulders and a zip mouth which, when the interior lining is pulled inside out, looks like a big tongue!

This brand is not on the cheap side though; this particular jumper will set you back a big £60.63 not including shipping on KPOPTOWN. I have had a little research and have found that the high prices are pretty consistent across the board for this line, but the perseverant among you might be able to seek out some slightly cheaper items on other sites if you’re lucky.

While it’s fair to say you probably won’t be buying an elstinko product every week, the high quality of this jumper cannot be disputed. It is quite thick and will surely keep you toasty during the cold winter days we have in store. The small patchwork details on the item are really very intricate and thick, but not so much to distract you from the jumper as a whole. It is the sort of detailing that others would probably notice a while after getting over the initial surprise of seeing the jumper for the first time – they are finishing touches that really add to the item in a small scale way.

Aside from this, the stitching and seaming is done with great care, resulting in them being very sturdy and a tough. This all adds to the overall great durability of the item, something you would be expecting for the given high price!

The jumper also has open pockets on either side and the open-and-close mouth also serves as a extra mini pocket. My sister (who is now the owner of this jumper) actually uses the mouth as a place to store her smartphone which is not only humorous, but can give extra peace of mind about the security of small valuables.

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Overall, this jumper – as well as the entire brand – is extremely bold and brave. The details on the products are quirky and the item itself will undoubtedly ensure the wearer stands out of the crowd and serve as a good talking point with most who see it.  As aforementioned, the price is not to be sniffed at, but if unusual and bold are your bag, then I would recommend you save up your pennies for this brand as you will not be disappointed in the quality.

The jumper can be purchased on KPOPTOWN here.

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[Images source: KPOPTOWN].


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