The year is fast coming to a close, it’s already December and cities around the UK are adorning themselves in Christmas decorations. Every year we hear the same classic Christmas hits, such as Band Aid’s ‘Do They Know It’s Christmas’ and Shakin Steven’s ‘Snow Is Fallin’ but what about some Christmassy K-pop hits to see the season through? We’ve compiled this list of 20 great songs for the Winter season to help you get with the Christmas cheer. Check it out after the jump.

1. Yoseob & Daniel – First Snow, First Kiss

[youtube id=”x130UtD4h9c”]

This song is a favourite of mine, I love both Yoseob and Daniel’s voices, and they come together great. The fact the two are great friends too makes the duet even better, they’ve come a long way since their UCC days. Although Daniel has recently been a bit of a scandal and a half, both this song and DMTN’s music remain must-listens.

2. Ailee – My Grown Up Christmas Wish

[youtube id=”yIXfAGcMn3k”]

Ailee nails the classic strong vocal Christmas ballad style with this one. And not only did she nail it in Korean, but there’s an English version too.

3. Untouchable – Merry Christmas

[youtube id=”x-0kKVDjFDc”]

A little something for the more hip-hop inclined. Untouchable’s rap take on a Christmas track is great, and incredibly infectious. You’ll find it stuck in your head very often, even when Christmas is long gone.

4. Infinite – Lately

[youtube id=”mZu3fRDrK5c”]

One from the boys who just held their first London concert just over two weeks ago. We’re sure Inspirits are missing them already, so this one’s for you. A true Christmas song, Infinite style.

5. EXO – Miracles Of December

[youtube id=”yVLxRXoLaas”]

EXO are here with everyone’s new favourite Christmas track. Their beautiful vocals will put you in the mood to cosy up and relax – and maybe sway along a little.


6. SNSD – Snowy Wish

7. BEAST (Kikwang & Hyunseung) – Let It Snow

8. SMTOWN – Santa U Are The One

9. Henry & Amber – Happy Holidays (Though a short song!)

10. JYPNATION – This Christmas

11. MBLAQ – White Forever

12. Boyfriend – I’ll Be There

13. Jellyfish Ent – It’s Christmas

14. 4Minute – Jingle Jingle (ft Mario of 4Men)

15. Happy Pledis – Love Letter

16. TVXQ – The First Noel

17. Thunder & IU – Merry Christmas In Advance

18. BoA – Candle Lights

19. ZEA – My Only Wish

20. Starship Planet – Pink Romance


And that concludes our list of Christmas K-pop hits. Got a favourite that’s not on the list? Share it with us in the comments section for everyone to hear!


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