Late Blossom was released in 2011, and was based on the comic ‘I Love You’ by Kang Full, but was written and directed by director Choo Chang Min. Late Blossom is a unique and wholly interesting film that centres around the love story of two elderly couples.


The film revolves around Man Seok, an ill-tempered milkman who wakes the village early every morning with his old, noisy moped. He meets Song, who spends her days scavenging scrap paper and the like to make a meager living, and despite a very shaky start from the day they meet, a tentative relationship is slowly formed. The film also somewhat follows the relationship between Song’s acquaintance, Kun Bong, and his wife who has Alzheimers.

This film was wonderful as it wasn’t about two beautiful people and some sort of meet-cute that brought them together, but instead the characters felt much more alive and real, and we are treated to a heartwarming message of you are never too old for love or new beginnings.


Personally, I’m a huge fan of the less-than-ordinary kinds of romantic films so the premise of this film immediately appealed to me, but I think that it would be one of those films that genuinely most people would find themselves enjoying. Of course, as with many Korean romance films, it has its own sad moments and perhaps if you like fairytale endings or even just dislike the romantic genre in general, then maybe this film might not be to your taste, but there are still comedic components and a theme of redemption that might appeal.


I feel that it might also be worth noting that if certain issues such as suicide and the euthanasia of people are triggering for you or make you uncomfortable, these issues are touched on in this film and you may want to give it a miss. But all in all, I would highly recommend Late Blossom to anyone who asks!
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