You might already know of the South Korean comedian No Hong Chul from the very successful variety programme “MBC’s Infinity Challenge” or perhaps from his appearances on many other South Korean programmes as both a presenter and a guest. Hong Chul is known for his energetic and slightly looney character as well as his unique fashion choices. He has a fashion line which showcases his larger than life taste in clothing on his own website. This review is for a jumper from his collection.

Hong Chul actually wears a lot of the pieces from his own line, many of which feature bold colours, animal print and faux fur. It is definitely a very fun style that reflects his kooky persona.

I am referring to this item as a jumper rather than a long sleeve shirt (as the title suggests) because it is slightly thicker than a standard t-shirt. This being said, it is still considerably lighter and thinner than I was expecting when I ordered it. It will keep you warm, but it’s probably still best to wear a hoodie on top if you are leaving the house on a very cold winter’s day!

As you can see from the images below, this jumper is incredibly brightly coloured, covered in an all-over print of random images. Of course there is the image of the stone Medusa from Greek mythology on the front, but other images include skyscrapers, chickens, what looks like a male and a female newsreader at a desk – and that is just the tip of the iceberg. The main colours that come forward from the piece are red and orange. The words ‘RED MOON’ are emblazoned in capitals across the jumper’s back.

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KPOPTOWN 2 No Hong Chul

The material of the jumper is very smooth and silky, which is quite surprising. The fabric can even be quite cold to the touch when you have been wearing it outside for a while. I was initially apprehensive about putting it in the washing machine because of the possibility of bright colours running (instructions when ordering advise to hand-wash, but simple laziness prevents me from doing that), so I put it in the wash after turning it inside out and thankfully it has come out okay and looks like it won’t even need ironing. (Woo hoo!)

The jumper is about a UK size 12 whilst still hanging comfortably. Unfortunately, it only comes in one size on KPOPTOWN and it is quite unusual for standard Asian sizes to even reach 12 given that the East Asian population is often of a much smaller frame than Westerners’ (generally speaking, of course). This particular jumper costs £26.43 not including P+P on the aforementioned website, and some of you might want a bit more substance for your buck than this fairly lightweight jumper.

Overall though, this item is a very bold and unusual and I personally like the fact that it is a piece that you won’t find in the UK. It is slightly expensive for what it is, but it is a high quality jumper that will surely get you noticed, and if you like your fashion in-your-face and unapologetic, then this one is for you.

You can purchase this jumper on KPOPTOWN here.

Alternatively, you can take a look at to see some of his fashion line for yourself. I am struggling to find international outlets that sell his pieces, but if you are – unlike me – proficient at the Korean language, you might be able to navigate it a little better than I did!

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[Images: KPOPTOWN].


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