I’ve become a fan of Tony Moly products over the past year; effective products plus cutest packaging ever is a recipe for disaster where my bank balance is concerned! Having received a couple of free samples of this, and having already bought and reviewed the Appletox products, I was pretty excited to try this out! (Except I’ve fallen to their evil tricks and feel like I need to buy this, like now.) Here’s a short introduction to the Tomatox Magic Massage Pack.

The Tomatox massage pack claims to, “deliver instant brightening, massaging and skin clearing mask effects” on top of offering ‘whitening properties’ due to the lemon, baicha and houstonia extracts. I know – never heard of them either. While these seem like heavy promises, the results are actually quite interesting. But first…

The texture is somewhat similar to a night cream; it’s cooling and rubs smoothly onto the skin. I researched the product and found some instances of as stinging feeling to the skin. I didn’t have this problem but if you have sensitive skin then maybe this is one to avoid. The scent is refreshing and sharp, but not excessively so, which is really great since you’re supposed to keep this on for 5-10 minutes. It isn’t too hard to remove but I would suggest splashing your face to remove it rather than rubbing, as this may just result in spreading the pack round your face instead of it coming off.

After use, my face certainly did feel smoother and looked visibly brighter, though I can’t say this is a long term effect. I haven’t used it long enough to notice any whitening effects (I ran out of samples) but that scares me slightly anyway. I did notice that any reddening on my skin was softened, not massively but enough. The product doesn’t appear to be very harsh on skin, so if you do have skin troubles then the pack may offer some appealing cooling and clearing properties for you. You might find this product beneficial as a primer, to get your skin looking luscious on days when you need it! The effects are clearly only temporary but with prolonged use you might start to notice some differences.

Best bit: Packaging – of course – and cooling effect.

Worst bit: Temporary effects – and that I vowed not to spend any money.

If you’ve used this product before, let us know what you thought of it in the comments below!





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