After releasing numerous singles and a repackaged edition of their successful EP hyde, six-member band VIXX finally released their first full-length album. Does it deliver? Here’s our review.

01. Voodoo Intro A wonderfully Gothic intro with a slow orchestral sound that could easily be placed in a horror/supernatural setting. Conveniently leads into the opening track of this album.

02. Voodoo (저주인형) Main promo track for this album and a comeback for VIXX. A guy is willing to sacrifice himself to a lot of pain and misery in order to help a girl who happens to be suffering in a relationship. My flesh is an offering to you. I’ll devote myself to your happiness. A chilling moment is in the chorus itself Should I go, should I stay. Nobody knows where it’s likely that nobody will hear the brave man’s pain, let alone know where he went.

03. Beautiful Killer Perfect song for a man to describe a Femme Fatale with dangerous beauty (captivating eyes , blade-like smile). This is definitely a sensual track and the man wants her to give him pain before she takes his life.

04. Someday VIXX slow it down and get more intimate with the listeners. A guy misses his lover dearly. Ravi fans are likely to swoon by Ravi’s silky rapping here. The whistling sound in the background almost reminds me of a bird tweeting.

05. Only U (대답은 너니까) Smooth track about a guy unable to get over another girl. His friend tries to introduce him to one of his girl-friends but he can’t the dream girl out of his head and hopes to meet her again through this song. Really enjoy the electric guitar work here.

06. B.O.D.Y The dramatic opening tune is rather misleading because as soon as the main song starts it gets groovier. A love-making song for sure. Just us two, bounce, bounce, make it bounce. Don’t look at the clock, day & night (yeah)

07. Secret Night Coughing can be heard at the beginning of this song which makes me wonder why this happened at all and the tune suddenly speeds up. The song talks about sex again and I’ve read feedback from other Starlights on how VIXX’s dark concept is possibly being mocked here. The “Shocker” repetition by Ravi may stick into your head for a while.

08. Say U Say Me The album takes a different turn to a happier beat. A guy meets his first love and can’t believe she’s grown so much, become a woman. How her shoes went from trainers to heels. How her hair went from being short to smooth, long locks (apparently the actress Shin Min Ah cannot compare according this song). The guy assures his first love he won’t change and hopes she’ll come to him.

09. From Now On, You’re Mine (오늘부터 내 여자) Fluffy song about a guy finally gets the girl of his dreams. She’s been holding back and thinking hard on whether to date him but eventually decides to give this relationship a try. He says he’ll take care of her and wants her to promise to not look at other guys.

10. Thank You For Being Born (태어나줘서 고마워) A girl is angry her boyfriend forgot her birthday and he apologises because he couldn’t express his heart as often as he could. This sweet song also celebrates the couple meeting one another and how the guy is thankful she came into his life. Perfect song for a guy to sing for his girlfriend’s birthday.


11. Super Hero Ravi’s rap at the start of the song is a bold statement on VIXX’s arrival. VIXX are super heroes who will grant your wishes and protect you. What dream guys.

12. Rock Ur Body What sounds like a computer game then turns into a funky song about love/spending the night together. The song does make a lot of typical computer game references such as the last boss is always twice the fun , I stand before you and I’m like a puzzle piece, like a game of tetris or This button is the key to call me. If you press it, we’ll become closer

13. On And On (다칠 준비가 돼 있어) VIXX bring us back to the darker songs. Before Voodoo Doll there was On And On and like the former, this song has a twisted story. A guy is a girl’s doll and is waiting to be hurt by her. He doesn’t know why she is like this and he doesn’t know why he is acting this way. The lines I need therapy, Lalalalala therapy really do speak the truth.

14. hyde A song with the Jekyll and Hyde theme. A guy with two personalities is telling his girlfriend he didn’t say certain things to her but she’s too afraid to go near him. The constant echoes of Just can’t control definitely signifies the struggle the guy is dealing with when it comes to his darker self. This was the first song I ever heard from VIXX and it did not disappoint.

15. Voodoo (inst.) [저주인형 instrumental] Interesting when the lyrics are taken out the instrumental makes me think it could work as a background music for demented characters in a story. Someone in his/her lab and losing their sanity while coming up with ways to dominate the world.

UK Potential: 3.5/5

VIXX are fantastic with their concepts but whether their dark and light themes will attract the normal UK music listener is another story entirely. Out of all the songs that could possibly do well in the chart I’d say Someday, Thank You For Being Born, Super Hero and Voodoo Doll. I think Voodoo Doll will definitely get people dancing in a club. The other two songs I mentioned previously are lighter songs and more on the happy romantic side so anyone who feels like getting sappy may be appealed by those tracks. With hyde it could do well with the younger folk if they’re into their supernatural fiction (if you’ve seen the MV you’ll know what I mean).


This album nicely mixes VIXX‘s dark and light songs, presenting their happy and darkly surreal ideas in their music. My personal favourite track is Someday because it doesn’t sound too fluffy or too dark. It’s an emotionally packed song that doesn’t let its intimacy or sensuality go too over the top and manages to showcase the band’s vocals. Beautiful Killer and B.O.D.Y bring out the steamy side of VIXX.


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