Having attended a handful of Kpop concerts, I’d like to think I know a fair share about them. So I have come up with my top 5 tips to help out any of you that haven’t yet attended any concerts.

1. PUSHING WILL MOST LIKELY GET YOU NOWHERE – This is probably the biggest problem I have with concerts. Whether you’re at the front, middle, back, I’m 99.9% sure you’ve experienced some sort of pushing in the standing area? There are always a handful of people who think that no matter what, they have a right to push their way to the front because this is their favourite band. Well incase you forgot, we are all there for the same reason! Did any of you attend INFINITE’s OGS on 27th November? If you did, then I’m sure you’ll remember several fans had to be taken out because the pushing became too much. It just shouldn’t be that way, not only will you ruin it for other fans, it will also affect the artists performance as they have to watch their fans suffer whilst they’re in the middle of a performance. So if that person is you, please don’t!

2. PUT THOSE CAMERAS DOWN – Stop trying to snap every second of every performance and just enjoy it! Sure, I know you want to take memories home but trying to capture the whole concert is just not going to work. You are there to watch your favourite band live, so after waiting god knows how long and spending all that money, why would you want to end up watching it through your camera screen when that’s what you’ve been doing through your computer screen? Like Beyoncé said during one of her concerts: “See, you can’t even sing because you’re too busy taping. I’m right in your face baby, you gotta seize this moment baby! Put that damn camera down!” Amen! And not only are you ruining it for yourself, you’re most likely ruining it for the people behind you who are trying to watch without having cameras shoved in their sightline by a sea of tiny screens. If you are one of these people, next time you go to a concert, try putting your camera down for the most of it, and I promise you it’ll be a completely different experience – a much more incredible experience.

3. ANOTHER THING AS ANNOYING AS CAMERAS = BANNERS – If it’s not cameras then it’s banners or signs. Personally, I find them very bothersome. Sure it’s nice when a member notices it and you get their attention, but what are the chances? You’re only ruining the view for the people behind you by waving your banner/sign around. So unless you’re right at the front by the barriers where you can put in front of you, it’s probably a good idea to put it away.

4. COAT ROOMS ARE THERE FOR A REASON – For whatever reason you’ve brought bags full of things, don’t take them into the standing area! If you’re seated and have an allocated seat then that’s more than fine. But if you’re standing you don’t want bags full of things on the floor where people good be standing. Not only will you be taking up extra space, you are most likely to lose and damage things because without realising people will step on them. So I recommend taking a very small bag with just the essentials i.e. money, phone and concert tickets.

5. DANCING IS FINE, JUST DON’T INVADE OTHER PEOPLE’S SPACE – It’s completely fine when one gets into the music and wants to dance, but if you’re bumping into people and invading their space, then don’t. The last thing someone wants is having someone continuously bump into them or even step on their toes from jumping. So next time you want to dance, just be conscious of those around you.


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