Based on a Manhwa series of the same name, Full House is a romantic comedy series from 2004 starring singer/actor Bi/Rain and Song Hye Kyo.

Han Ji Eun (Song Hye Kyo) is an aspiring writer with spunk and a good heart. One day she mistakenly believes she has won a free trip overseas thanks to her friends. She meets a famous star Lee Young Jae (Rain) on the plane and they become “acquainted.” However what Han Ji Eun doesn’t realise is that her friends had tricked her and when she returns home she discovers they sold her house that was built by her late father. To make things more complicated for Han Ji Eun – her house was sold to Young Jae and they both reluctantly agree to live together, although under specific conditions. Ji Eun works as a maid in order to get her house back but then immediately finds herself playing Young Jae’s pretend wife as part of Young Jae’s plan to make his good friends Kang Hye Won (Han Eun Jeong) and Woo Min Hyuk (Kim Sang Soo) jealous.

The good

* The music in this soundtrack is feel-good. Works well for the comedy, romance and general fluff in the series. Not overpowering the viewer with scores of melodramatic angst when it comes to the few sad scenes throughout the series.

* Song Hye Kyo and Rain’s onscreen chemistry can be perfectly described as a “lover’s quarrel.” It’s very cute and amusing even when they are arguing like little kids.

* While watching this drama I couldn’t help admiring Han Ji Eun’s clothes. Opting for a simple, cute chic appearance. If I ever want a simple feminine attire I may have to look at what Song Hye Kyo pulls off here.

* Like typical drama style, the older generation look down or judge the protagonist because they are not affluent. However as this is comedy, it’s done with humour. Young Jae’s grandmother is traditionally minded but when she shares scenes with Han Ji Eun their differing views clash, although in a slightly joking approach. That said, I really like Young Jae’s parents. If only I could have generous in-laws like that.

* Song Hye Kyo’s performance of children song “Three Bears” was very memorable. I tried to learn this song and dance for a few months. Makes you want to unleash your Aegyo.

* Ji Eun and Min Hyuk’s friendship was thoughtful. The latter’s observant demeanour was able to pinpoint Ji Eun’s creativity, even helping her out on her muses.

* Location scenes show wonderful colours. I also like how the “Full House” building itself brings out its character/sets a warm, ideal home setting.

The bad

* Young Jae’s temper during his hot-headed moments can make the viewer eye-roll and anyone familar with romantic comedy Kdramas might find it cliche. But then there’s a possibility the slight selfishness of Hye Won may do the same.

* Rain’s acting may be love/hate for the viewers and his character might make one think he’s just playing himself because he’s portraying a famous star. Or is it a parody of who he is as a Kpop star/actor?


Full House is quite a favourite among drama fanatics. Its popularity spread itself across Asia where it was remade in other countries such as Vietnam and Philippines, even going as far to inspire a spin off Kdrama series called Full House Take 2. I recommend this drama if you want a good-natured comedy series that does not go too over the top with drama and sappy romance.


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