Today we will be taking a look at K. Will‘s track You Don’t Know Love which was released back in the Autumn season.


A couple have had an argument as the girlfriend says her man is not being as loving as before but the latter insists he’s just tired. He wants her to be by his side, even though he sometimes doesn’t say anything. Because of this problem, they decide to break up since they think the other party only thinks of themselves. Obviously the separation hasn’t gone down well as they’re both in tears at the beginning of the music video.

One thing to note is that K. Will does not make an appearance in the music video and instead we only see the story through actors. EXO fans will recognise Park Chanyeol here. He plays the boyfriend who is having relationship trouble with his on-screen girlfriend Lee Ho Jung.

At their separate locations, the emotional couple reminisce on the good memories while packing their significant other’s belongings into a box such as photos, love letters and clothing, with the intention of returning them. But it seems their trip down memory lane has made them reconsider getting back together when they meet up again.

The song’s story is rather simple and romantic. As a result the video doesn’t need to provide too much detail on what is happening, let alone go all out with special effects or wildly coloured cinematography that is meant to pop one’s eyes out.

MV Highlights

I thought it was rather cute when the girlfriend and boyfriend made toast at the same time and how they held the bread in their mouth as they walked away from the table to do other chores. It seemed so effortless. Another highlight from the music video was near the end when Chanyeol gave the girl his rose and managed to let the hidden ring slide down the stem and into her hand -much to her delight- before placing it back onto her finger to signify their relationship had resumed. For some reason I also found it a little funny how the rain conveniently stopped when the couple made up.

You can take a look at the music video below.

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UK Potential: 3.5/5

Overall Getting past the opening section with the vinyl ripping, You Don’t Know Love is a song that blends gentle piano and jazz guitar to make an easy-listening pop track so there is chance it could appeal to a UK music listener who enjoys that genre. K. Will‘s vocal range and smooth voice could reach out to new listeners, even if the lyrics are not in English. I feel the song itself is perhaps one of those reminders that no matter how big or small an argument is between a couple, one can still find a way to make up if they are willing to try again and want to hold on to those positive memories both parties had created.


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