Welcome back to Film Friday! Today we’ll be looking at a romantic-comedy of sorts, Love On-Air.

Love On-Air follows Shin Jin Ah, the once leader of a now disbanded girl group called Purple, who works as a radio DJ on the show ‘Wonderful Radio’. The ratings for her show have been steadily dropping, so when the producer of the show leaves to go on maternity leave, ambitious Lee Jae Hyuk is brought in to take her place. He and Jin Ah quickly come to blows over her casual working style and diva moments, and they find it hard to get along. We watch Jin Ah as she tries to maintain a positive outlook on life as she deals with trying to keep her job, attempting to restart her music career, and all the while having to deal with the still-sensitive issues that came with the disbandment of Purple.

Now, I tend to have a love/hate relationships with rom-coms as a genre, as I find many are cliche, overdone and tiresomely boring, but only a few minutes into watching Love On-Air and I was completely hooked. Despite Jin Ah having a fair few bad qualities, it’s so easy to like her as we see her less-than-ideal family and professional situations quite early on.

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We see a great mixture of heart-warming moments as she proves herself to be a good friend and daughter, no matter what the media tries to paint her as, and there are also plenty of funny moments throughout the film as she and Jae Hyuk lock horns.

I would recommend this film to pretty much anyone, but particularly anyone who enjoys rom-coms and drama films. Also, anyone who is a fan of films that sees the underdog achieve success will probably enjoy this too!

Have you seen this film already? Planning on watching it? Let us know!


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