Pictured above: the iconic school uniform outfits that saw EXO through endless weeks of ‘Growl’ promotions. But this particular trend didn’t just catch on after EXO wore them. In fact, we’ve seen it countless times over the years from male and female groups alike. And the reasons?

  1. It isn’t very glamorous but cooking up a school uniform can be pretty cheap. There will be cases where designer shirts, blazers and shoes were bought but it isn’t necessary to spend a lot of money to create the look. Simple base pieces, accompanied by a touch of customizing by the stylists (as is so often seen in the K-pop fashion world), can make a really effective style!
  2. K-pop is aimed, in a very general sense, at teenagers and young people. They are the ones who have disposable income, and K-pop is a business. Companies know they can suck the money right out of these fans’ pockets without actually having to convince them that they should spend their money. School uniforms are something that these young fans can relate to, often still being in school themselves so seeing their favourite idols in uniform can excite them for a number of reasons. Including…
  3. Bridging the age gap. It isn’t just about being able to relate. The facts are that a lot of idols are at least in their late teens, if not in their twenties. As they grow older, if they can create the appearance of looking younger, the dream of fans pining after them can be dragged out a little longer.
  4. It’s a simple, but effective, concept. There’s something very classic about the way uniforms look that can be appealing to almost everyone.
  5. Versatility. As mentioned before, customizing outfits makes them unique. Take one plain uniform – you could turn it into a number of different styles with a few snips and patches here and there. We’ve seen cute, sexy, hip hop, preppy and classic uniforms on idol groups before now.

Groups previously seen wearing this trend include HelloVenus, Wonder Girls, EXO, BTS, Girls’ Generation, INFINITE and BEAST. Who else have you seen it on and who would you like to see try a school uniform concept? Let us know in the comments below!


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