Welcome back to another Fun Story OTW! This week’s hilarious story involves a certain F(x) member with yes, not one, but many Nyan-cats.

It seems like F(x)’s Amber has been having fun trying out different background screens, as she posted a video of herself in front of a background cluster of the famous Nyan-cats amongst its iconic tune. 

Yesterday on the 19th, Amber posted on her Instagram (@ajol_llama) the hilarious short video of her ‘flying’ while suspended on an invisible harness whilst filming against a blue screen, that which is commonly used when adding effects and backdrops for customising backgrounds for photographs and videos saying

“DIY flying llama! Thanks to @soyuri for making the nyancat BG for me!! (If u guys wanna have fun with this the blue screen version is after)”


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Amber is known for her hilarious Instagram posts and videos so it isn’t a surprise she came up with yet another funny video to post! I think we can safely say we’re all looking forward to any of the new random and amusing pictures or videos she may make in the future!

What do you think of Amber’s hilarious Instagram?

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