Welcome back to this week’s Fun Story! This week, it seems as if Heechul’s blooming interest in Frozen has taken another hilarious step further.

Today Super Junior’s Heechul, in light of his well publicised adoration of the character Anna from the recent animated film, has caused him to take it upon himself on the set of We Got Married to request his fans on Instagram if they would photoshop his close friend and stylist Gunhee out of the photograph and edit a picture of Anna next to him instead under the caption: “we got married season 100. ♡GunHeeChul♡ can someone please erase gunhee and photoshop anna in….”

140206 Heechul

Of course, fans diligently complied with his request and a few moments later, Heechul posted the same picture on his Instagram but with the photoshopped picture itself under the cation “heenim♡anna”, much to every netizen’s amusement.

140206 Heechul

This isn’t the first Netizen’s have heard of his admiration for the heroine with one of Heechul’s first Twitter posts saying: “@HeeZZinPang: I am thinking of letting go of ‘Asuka’ that I have been with for 16 years now.. I’ve spent all night dreaming and thinking. It’s okay if you curse at me, and call me a bad man. ‘Asuka’, I really loved you. But now, I’ll let you go.. From today, my love is ‘Anna’, I choose you. Fall in love~♡ ……. ELF’s reaction to my post (is probably) ‘You crazy man, just get married to a real woman! My oppa is an otaku!’ Kids.. You can curse at oppa.. But don’t curse at (soon-to-be-) your sister-in-law ‘Anna’.. shaking shaking..”.

This also, likewise isn’t the first time Heechul has humorously expressed his love for the many photoshopped pictures of himself and Anna fans have created to his delight, a while back Heechul also posted on his twitter: “Have a happy Lunar New Years Day, my babies. Always be healthy, be good to your parents, and control your facial expressions when you aren’t happy the money you get for doing bows. Oppa also wants to introduce your sister-in-law to (oppa’s) parents.. but Anna won’t come out from the screen.. Sorry for the lame joke. They should give an award for whoever photoshopped this picture. But I don’t like my face (in the picture)ㅡㅡ My pride is hurt because it looks like only I am in liking (it/her).. Shaking shaking..”.


Heechul is currently filming for the We Got Married – Global Edition with Guo Xie Fu set to air around April of this year.

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