Why choose one bias when you can have one for each day of the week? Infinite are a 7-member male band who debuted in June 2010 with Woollim Entertainment. Individually, they’ve got widely varying personalities, dance styles and body shapes, but when performing together they are virtually flawless in motion. Their group dance is said to be 99.99% synchronised, earned though hours of rookie sweat in the dance studio.

The super-synched guys are Sungkyu (leader); Dongwoo (rapper); Woohyun (main vocal); Hoya (rapper); Sungyeol (vocal); Myungsoo/L (vocal) and Sungjong (vocal/maknae).

While stylish in motion and make-up, what really wins fans’ hearts is their offstage, boy-next-door charm and obvious brotherhood, revealed in a plethora of reality TV shows. Pre-debut they filmed a series playing big brothers to Yoo Ji Ae, who has since made her own debut. They’ve also fostered rescue dogs, and held an inter-band competitive ranking show. Their newest show This is INFINITE has just kicked off, featuring hidden cameras, games and challenges that promise to reveal even more of the ‘true’ Infinite.

2013 was less about the screen though and more about the stage, as they released and promoted two EPs, New Challenge and Destiny, and their first all-Japanese language album Koi ni Ochiru Toki. They also waded into international waters bringing their first world tour One Great Step to London, Paris and the US. Zipping back to Korea between tour dates, they snagged two awards at the November 2013 MAMAs: Sony MDR Worldwide Performer and Best Male Group.


What comes next this year is anyone’s guess, as last year, Woollim Ent merged with a subsidiary of S.M. Entertainment to create a new Woollim Label. It’s causing some restlessness among Inspirits, who are hoping the move into a bigger pond means Infinite won’t change their usual MO of being the boys next door, albeit the eye-wateringly hot boys who can dance in synch at the drop of a stylish hat.

Catch them:
TV- This is INFINITE on Mnet (airing now)
Live – One Great Step Returns (Seoul Olympic Park, 28 February/1 March 2014)
Next comeback releases: Sub-unit Infinite H March 2014/Infinite June 2014

Recommended MVs:

Destiny – their last comeback single, filmed at Universal Studios in Hollywood
[youtube id=BDbpE6qHDSA]

Be Mine Japanese version – an older song but a firm fan favourite
[youtube id=khe3qJEWIeU]

The Chaser – just a cracking great dance routine plus a spinning car to boot
[youtube id=IOvV0M7V4bA]

Before The Dawn dance practice – this early song features one of Infinite’s signature moves, the Scorpion dance (2:18-2:23)
[youtube id=G6KPLwR_Dcw]

Without You – Sub-unit Infinite H (Hoya and Dongwoo) teamed up with Korean hip-hop stars Primary and Bumkey to produce their own mini album Fly High in 2013. Expect a comeback  single March 2014
[youtube id=ym9YBHkxEg0]

60 seconds – Leader Kim Sungkyu flaunted his vocal talents with a solo mini album in 2012. This vid also features Myungsoo, Infinite’s ‘visual’ who is currently advertising Shara Shara cosmetics
[youtube id=ItWlVxkhdc0]







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