Welcome back to Thriller Thursdays, and today we’re going to take a look at what I like to refer to as a ‘thriller-lite’, which is the 2013 film, Commitment (aka Alumni). I refer to this film as a ‘thriller-lite’, as while it is classed as a film of the spy thriller genre, it’s definitely one of the least scary films of the genre I have ever seen.

And trust me, I’ve watched a lot of films. I felt that it was time to talk about films that would be more ideal for people wanting to explore darker genres without having to dive in at the deep end; this sort of ligher thriller has a much wider appeal!


Commitment centres around 19 year old North Korean Myung Hoon (played by BIGBANG’s TOP) who becomes a spy and an assassin when his father’s former boss makes Myung Hoon a deal that if he completes his father’s assignments in South Korea, then he and his younger sister will be free to live normal lives. With no other options, Myung Hoon accepts the deal and starts training.


When Myung Hoon arrives in the South under the guise of being a defector, he is adopted and sent to school where he strikes up a tentative friendship with an unpopular girl who shares the same name as his younger sister. It’s not long before Myung Hoon is set his first mission; in order to be allowed to return home to his sister, he must take out a North Korean operative working in the South who works for an opposing government faction, and before long, he finds himself dealing with the police hot on his trail and the treachery of his superiors.


This film was, without a shadow of a doubt, one of the best films I have seen in a long time. The plot interested me to begin with as I love films that involve both the North and South, and thrillers are my favourite genre, but the amazing acting was definitely what kept me watching. Seeing Myung Hoon having to be able to convincingly switch from an average kid going to school to having to commit murder for his country at night, was oddly compelling and heartbreaking. The amount of gore, violence and cruelty in this film for sure makes it a thriller, but the human element of watching him come to terms with the way his life is turning out makes this such an incredible film.

If gore really bothers you, or watching people being murdered on screen is something you don’t enjoy, then perhaps give this film a miss. But I highly recommend this to every and anyone else.

This is a film you shouldn’t miss.

Ever seen this film? Planning on seeing it? Let us know your thoughts below! Until next time!


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