For this week’s fun story, British Kpop fans Raphael and Sabrina aka KSpazzing on Youtube received quite a surprise from a group they had recently posted an MV reaction to on their channel.

On MWave Meet and Greet , GOT7 were reading online messages from their fans and were told about KSpazzing‘s MV reaction to the group’s video for debut single Girls Girls Girls. It’s safe to say they found this duo’s expressions incredibly entertaining.

Unfortunately they didn’t watch the entire clip as the actual reaction is over 10 minutes long and JB wanted to read through more messages from the fans. Nonetheless, it has certainly made KSpazzing ‘s reputation amongst idols go up further after PSY posted one of their MV reactions on his me2day and C. Clown ‘s Rome commented on one of their videos.

If you want to jump straight to the guys watching KSpazzing‘s MV reaction it’s around the 24:37 mark.

[youtube id=””]

KSpazzing’s full MV reaction to Girls Girls Girls. Enjoy.

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