‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ is set to premiere in the UK tpday, leaving thousands of excited fans counting the hours until its first appearance.

This has by far been one of the most anticipated movies of the year and, considering all the propaganda that went into promoting the movie, it’s unlikely that anyone isn’t aware of it by now. From Star Wars branded fruit such as Darth Vader apples, BB-8 oranges and Yoda grapes to Star Wars cheese sticks,  Disney’s marketing department seemed to have outdone themselves this year.

The Force is in fact so strong that even K-Pop didn’t escape from its influence. In China, former EXO member Luhan is the official ambassador responsible for promoting the movie, while in South Korea EXO and the producers of Star Wars collaborated on a promotional song meaningfully entitled ‘Light Saber‘. And even Moonchul of Royal Pirates made sure all their crew were properly educated on Star Wars by teaching them with the help of a diagram.

Of course, using K-Pop idols to promote movies is not necessarily a new thing. SM Entertainment and Disney have collaborated before to promote the ‘Mickey Mouse Club‘, and certain brands such as LG or Microsoft have both featured K-Pop songs in their ads before. However ‘Star Wars’, with its immense popularity across the globe and extremely devoted fans is definitely one level above from what has been done previously.

But EXO and Royal Pirates are not the only artists to pay reference to the epic sci-fi movie. Rapper Cheetah also just released a short teaser for her comeback release. Not surprisingly, the song is called ‘Star Wars’, and during the 21 seconds long video, Cheetah can be seen wearing a long black robe and wearing black lipstick. At the end of the clip, she is heard saying ‘Listen, I am your mother’, a reference to an epic line by villain Darth Vader. Presumably, Cheetah has joined the dark side…

Have you seen the teaser yet? If not, watch it, you must…


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