It literally feels like yesterday that we had just welcomed the arrival of the new year and now we’re nearly at the point of saying goodbye to 2015! In regards to the level of quality in the music this year has been exceptional, leaving high hopes for what the new year will bring. We’ve been spoiled with choice over the songs that have been released from the K-pop artists, it’s been difficult to try to pinpoint exactly which song stood out the most. Though, I feel that Amber’s song from her debut solo album really strikes a cord with the listeners over the level of honesty and self-acceptance – which many may struggle with and can be relatable to many people. So, to finish off SOTW this year, we’ll be looking at Amber – ‘Beautiful’!

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Thoughts on the Song

The song is raw and stripped back in comparison to the style of music that she’s previously covered with f(x), Amber bears her soul in this as she shares her own story with the world. I believe that the song showed more sides to her as an artist, her role in her group was branded as a rapper, but this reflects her gentle singing abilities which is shown to be overlooked. However, we’ve finally had the chance to listen to her other work.

Since her debut with f(x), Amber’s been an artist that’s always stood out for being different – she never conformed to the Korean norms of how a woman should act or dress, she’s always been herself and that’s definitely something I admire about her.

The message of the song is so important because there’s not one person that hasn’t found it challenging to accept every single part of themselves, the road to self-acceptance is never easy and short, it runs the span of an individual’s lifetime. Though, it isn’t always possible to be 100% satisfied, you’ll find that you have good points and flaws just like everyone else – just focus on improving as a person and to be the best version of yourself. There will come a point where you will have to put aside the worries and concerns over winning over the approval of other people when the only significant person you should look for approval is yourself and no one else.

‘I’m happy to be myself’ 

This line in particular stood out for me, as the concept of self-esteem is different for each individual. For some, they are born confident in their own skin whilst others don’t find it as easy to adapt. However, it can take time, but the most important thing is that you’re going at your own pace to accept yourself – flaws and all.  

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