For this weeks Thursday 13, we look at 13 idols that have switched between companies. Keep reading to find out!

1)      CL (2NE1)
   JYP Entertainment → YG Entertainment

CL was once a trainee under JYP Entertainment, where she befriended Wonder Girls’ Sohee and Yeeun, 2pm’s Junsu, Jay Park, Secret’s Zinger and Miss A’s Min.

2)      G-Dragon (Big Bang)
   SM Entertainment → YG Entertainment

G-Dragon was a trainee at SM Entertainment for 5 years. This was around the time H.O.T was really popular BoA and the Shinhwa members were all still trainees too.

3)      Hyorin (SISTAR)
JYP Entertainment  → Starship Entertainment

SISTAR’s Hyorin almost debuted in a trio with miss A’s Min and Secret’s Ji Eun whilst she was a trainee under JYP. A change of plans led to Hyorin being dropped from the label, but she later auditioned and debuted under Starship.

4)      Hyuna (4Minute)
   JYP Entertainment → Cube Entertainment

As many of you will know, Hyuna made her debut under JYP as Wonder Girls’ main rapper but due to health reasons she had to drop out. In 2008, she transferred to Cube where she debuted as a member of 4minute.

5)      Sungyeol (Infinite)
SM Entertainment → Woolim Entertainment

Sungyeol was an SM trainee as an actor and MC. He later auditioned for Woolim where he debuted as a member of INFINITE.

6)      Zelo (B.A.P)
YG Entertainment → TS Entertainment

B.A.P’s maknae Zelo was a YG trainee before he joined TS Entertainment.

7)      Junhyung (Beast)
Xing Entertainment → Cube Entertainment

Junhyung was signed to XING Entertainment back in 2006 before joining BEAST.

8)      Lee Hyori
SM Entertainment → DSP Entertainment

Hyori was trained under SM and was to debut as a member of a girl group but due to personal reasons she dropped out and joined DSP.

9)      Hyosung (Secret)
   Good Entertainment → TS Entertainment

Hyosung was initially set to make her debut under Good Entertainment’s girl group Five Girls (“Oh Sonyeo”) in 2007. The group contained After School’s UEE, G.NA, Wonder Girl’s Yoobin, and Yang Jiwon. Two years later she made her debut under TS as part of Secret.

10)   Gyuri (KARA)
SM Entertainment →DSP Entertainment

Park Gyuri once said that she auditioned for SM and was asked to debut with CSJH’s Dana but rejected the offer and later joined DSP to debut as the leader of KARA.

11)   Hyunseung (Beast)
YG Entertainment → Cube Entertainment

Hyun Seung was once underYG Entertainment, training to become an official member of Big Bang. After being eliminated, he transferred over to Cube.

12)   Jo Kwangmin and Youngmin (Boyfriend)
JYP Entertainment → Starship Entertainment

Jo Youngmin and Jo Kwangmin were trained under JYP Entertainment for two years before they debuted as Boyfriend members under Starship.

13)   Son Dambi
DSP Entertainment → Pledis Entertainment

Dambi was a trainee under DSP before she became a trainee under Pledis where she debuted as a solo artist.


What do you think? Can you imagine any of these idols under their original companies?


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