If you live in Korea, seeing an elementary school class performing a dance choreography to a popular K-pop song might not be something out of the ordinary. However, if a male, adult teacher wearing a wig decides to join in, it’s sure to gain attention!

The video showing aforementioned teacher dancing along with 5 of his students to the girly song ‘Me Gustas Tu‘ by GFRIEND went viral after being posted on Youtube, with many viewers complimenting the teacher’s accuracy and skill.

Luckily, his dedication towards his students and the effort he put into the dance have now been rewarded as teacher Joo Shin Seok was invited into the TV show ‘Star King‘ and was given the unique opportunity of dancing with the real GFRIEND members!

He filled in for member Yerin and wore a school uniform and wig to match the girls (although thankfully he didn’t also wear the matching skirt). He later explained that the reason for his effort was due to the fact that he wanted to stay close to his pupils, stating that ‘my childhood dream was to become a rapper. I tried dancing and singing to fit in with my students.’

Watch the video below and let us know what you think of his dancing skills:


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