As is typical for this time of the year, there has been a significant increase in ‘top ranking’ articles and lists, varying from music to film and many more. FuseTV is no exception, having just released their ratings of the Top 20 songs of 2015 – and guess which K-pop group made the cut?

Used to reaching the top of the charts and breaking milestones, the popular 5-member group BIGBANG just made it onto the Top 20 list with their hit ‘Loser‘ from the 2015 album ‘MADE‘.

Their song made it to number 16, even leaving Rihanna behind them. Other artists featured in the list include Adele, Carly-Rae Jepsen and The Weeknd. They praised G-Dragons and TOP’s honest rapping as well as Taeyang and Daesung’s ‘sky-high belting‘ – as they put it – and described ‘Loser’ as being a ‘brilliant mid-tempo track that mixed BIGBANG’s emotion-soaked hip hop with a slew of impassioned hooks.’

The fact that BIGBANG were included in a western top ranking just proves how far their influence is reaching and reaffirms how 2015 was really a good year for the group. Their other songs ‘Bang Bang Bang‘ and ‘Let’s Not Fall In Love‘, also from the album MADE, all reached number one on the Billboard World Digital Songs chart. At the same time, ‘Bang Bang Bang‘ and ‘Loser‘ were also some of the most watched K-pop music videos of 2015.

It sure looks like BIGBANG’s success is continuously growing. Hopefully, if 2016 goes just as well, who knows if we might even get a glimpse of them in the UK?





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