The countdown to Christmas is already in motion! To prepare you with the festive cheer this week, we’ll be looking at GOT7’s latest song which is quite self explanatory – ‘Confession Song’!

Thoughts on the Song

It’s an adorable song, the gentle and soothing vocals are practically coated with such a high content of sweetness that it’ll make your teeth hurt.

With the title, the surrounding theme is the members of GOT7 mustering up the courage to express their feelings for the ones they love. Which, given the festive season, it’s definitely not an uncommon concept in Christmas songs, but the JYP boy group put their own stamp onto the song.

The lyrics highlight the number of knock-backs they’ve had in the past and whether they can still find the confidence to say how they truly feel. There’s an abundance of hesitation, the fear of rejection looming over them to the point where they feel as if there’s a hidden barrier standing in the way. However, with the prospect of not being able to see their dearly loved one in the near future, they just simply go for it and push aside their worries and concerns in favour of having no regrets. And the song hits the chorus sections, there’s not a shred of doubt as they openly say that they love the person.

Thoughts on the MV

It seemed that the boy group infiltrated a school, took over creative control of the main hall by decorating it with an assortment of the typical Christmas decorations in the shape of an impressive tree and balloons! The students of the school must have been surprised to see random strangers just popping up one day and taking away some of the teenagers away! Only for those chosen to be escorted to later find out that they were being set up with the other person hidden behind a giant animal head. It was a sight that can easily bring a smile to your face as the students that were brought together in pairs may not have had the courage to confess in any other situation.

So I have to say kudos to GOT7 for their meddling matchmaking skills! They seemed more excited (Jackson, in particular) than the embarrassed teenagers as they cheer for the couples with snow can be seen being sprayed over them (probably a substitute for confetti) and smiles are blooming on everyone’s faces.

The music video shows an example of the personalities of the GOT7 members – lively, bubbly and nothing short of cheesy – in the good sense! I felt that in contrast to the bad boy concept that had originally done for their debut, which showed off one side that was confident and being proud, this contained a softer view that would no doubt make any fans melt in seconds.


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