It’s not proper Christmas without a Christmas tune or two in the charts, and Girls’ Generation sub-unit TaeTiSeo have scored a seasonal blinder this week with Dear Santa, their third mini-album.

TaeTiSeo, also known as TTS, are Taeyeon, Tiffany and Seohyun (maknae). The idea behind TTS was to show off the trio’s vocal skills, the perfect complement to Girls’ Generation’s focus on uniform dance performances.

Their first release was the uber-cute Twinkle in 2012, and the MV nabbed over 10 million hits on youTube in its first week. It performed well not just on the Korean charts, but also worldwide, making it into the top 200 in Billboard’s charts. Holler followed two years later in 2014, and was just as popular both home and abroad. American member Tiffany, already well known for her stylish airport outfits, was the visual director for the album’s concept. Around this time, the girls revealed some of their off-stage lives on a reality show The TaeTiSeo Show. The show features the girls shopping, driving around LA and Seoul, and -yes!- eating, and it’s an interesting peek at the lives of female idols.

Girls’ Generation have already had a busy and successful 2015, and none more than Taeyeon after she also featured on (fx) Amber’s solo before releasing her own solo in October, I. She also won Best Female Artist at the recent MAMA awards.

Maknae Seohyun has penned some of the lyrics for both Girls Generation and TTS releases, including some for Dear Santa. The song debuted recently at number 11 on the iTunes world chart, and part of the profits from the release will be donated to a charity called SMile for U.

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