Our latest choice for Weekly Idol is a soloist by the name of Jang Ri In aka Zhang Liyin.

Active in both the Chinese and Korean music market, Sichuan-born Zhang Liyin made her debut in 2006 and has released one studio album titled I Will. SM Entertainment originally advertised Zhang Liyin as the Chinese BoA and next leader for the Korean wave.

Interest in said singer peaked when one heard she would be officially debuting through a duet alongside Junsu. Her first single was a Korean cover of Timeless, which was originally sung by Kelly Clarkson and Justin Guarini from American Idol season 1.

Although her activities have been incredibly quiet over the years, aside from making appearances on live shows and concerts for fellow labelmates e.g. TVXQ and SHINee, Zhang Liyin was recently featured on SM The Ballad vol 2 – Breath album where she made a vocal comeback through a Chinese duet with EXO‘s Chen / Kim Jongdae.

Popular Songs

Y (Why)


Timeless.  Possibly the song Liyin is most well-known for.  This is a duet with Junsu.

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The MV is in two parts as it tells a story.
ELFs will recognise Super Junior‘s Siwon and former member Hangeng.

Timeless MV part 2

I Will

The Left Shore Of Happiness Hangeng makes an appearance in this MV as well

Why I chose Zhang Liyin / Jang Ri In as Weekly Idol

This female soloist is possibly one of SM‘s hidden gems but also one of the unluckiest when it comes to promotions. I think if we were to consider her the so-called Chinese BoA the one small similarity she could share with her senior is singing style. From what she managed to demonstrate during her debut period, she’s got a powerful R’n’B voice.

Zhang Liyin has amazing vocals that don’t get the chance to shine and while she may have been AWOL for a long time, Kpop fans won’t exactly know whether her vocal style and stage nerves have altered. Could she catch up with the other girls in the SM Family and return with an explosive comeback? Whatever her plans are, I can only wish her success.


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