Today for Alternate Listening Tuesday we’re going to look at the leader of a hybrid hip hop group. He plays a huge part in the creation and production of his own group’s music, but also creates music for other artists. ALT’s featured artist this week is aptly one who celebrates his birthday on Thursday, PHANTOM’s Kiggen

Before teaming up with his current affiliate at BrandNew Music Kiggen, Lee Kiwon, was creating his own electronic music under the name of HybReFine.
A hybrid mix of electronics, classics and jazz, listening through the 2010 HybReFine album is a musical treat, and shows off the full musical skill of Kiggen.
It was when working on his solo music, as part of the E-Tribe entertainment company Happy Face, that Kiggen first met and collaborated with future fellow PHANTOM member Sanchez, with his track Cosmic Dance, the track also features Dalshabet’s Vicky. (If you ever wondered how Sanchez got his stage name his look in this mv might help explain).

[youtube id=”t7IDfzJokCc”]

Around writing, composing and producing for PHANTOM, and additional BrandNew projects, Kiggen has also lent his hand to KPop acts. Most notably for Jellyfish group VIXX. Their debut single Super Hero was written and produced by the PHANTOM leader. 

[youtube id=”pT0rl2luupY”]

Say You Say Me from the group’s first full album VOODOO was also written collaboratively between Kiggen and Ravi. 

Kiggen’s most recent production was for the BrandNew Year project, You Make Me Fell Brand New featuring Verbal Jint, San E, Swings, PHANTOM and TROY members Bumkey and Kanto.

[youtube id=”_-RzBR6JGpY”]

With fellow group members Sanchez and Hanhae due to release solo work soon and PHANTOM due to return by the end of the second quarter we will be hearing more from Kiggen soon!


Do you like PHANTOM, Kiggen’s solo work, or VIXX? Would you like to see Kiggen work with more Kpop groups?


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