This track is featured on the special repackaged edition of Rain‘s 6th album Rain Effect.

Judging from the title, listeners may immediately assume it is one of those sappy, cringeworthy romance songs but to be fair it’s incredibly touching that it actually works rather well. It’s about a man’s confession of love to his special person.

Singletons may or may not find themselves secretly wonder if a man will ever confess his love to them in a similar way (complete with a full orchestra, brass and having eyes only on you in a dimly lit room perhaps?). Rain composed this song himself and people immediately assumed he was directing his loving words to his current girlfriend Kim Tae Hee because the words were so meaningful, but he said this song was written before they started a relationship. Either way, the message in “I Love You” is very strong and simple that I can imagine it being used by any man who wants to propose/ask his girlfriend out by telling her how he really feels.

Examples of the romantic lyrics I love you. Only you. I loved only you. I made this love song for you. Only for you. This is love song to my girl. When I’m in love I can’t see anything I want to be with you forever.

With the song’s MV, there’s actually no storyline featured and the viewer is provided footage of Rain preparing his Kpop return. There are lots of behind the scenes footage of his music videos, forthcoming films but also exciting moments during his comeback stages at music shows. What’s most notable about this MV is how Rain isn’t just showing how charismatic he can be when he gets on stage but how he can have fun or be a clown when he is not on a busy schedule. The final message of gratitude at the end of the video indicates his thanks to the fans for their support and that he loves them very much.

You can watch the entire MV below:

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UK Potential: 3.5/5


Rain knows how to make his fans party or get on their feet with his upbeat tracks but I also appreciate how a song like I Love You is a reminder that he can be softie at heart. Definitely the perfect proposal/confession song. A UK music listener may not be too bothered by the language barrier if they’re pulled in by a potentially romantic tune as it may inspire them to sing this song to the person they secretly fancy.

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