This weeks fanbase OTW is given to the loyal Sones of Europe! Check out their site, Facebook and Twitter. The admins are set out to allow European fanbases to connect and for fans to communicate with their idols. They explain in further detail,

“SONEurope originally begun with totally different admins, who helped unite European SONEs during the K-Pop concerts (SM Town Paris, Music Bank Paris). Unfortunately they lacked time to keep the website updated and the site ended up idle.

During a certain point in time after both the concerts, we felt really happy to have met other like-minded fans who wanted to support Girls’ Generation. However, we noticed that in Europe it was really hard to connect and find other European fans. There were plenty of scattered groups around and each country had it’s own fan base. Whenever anything was organized, everything turned out to be a smaller scale due to these many small islands without any communication between them.

That’s basically what motivated us to become that team that will help connect the fan bases with each other to create a bigger picture. By doing this, we can create bigger projects and provide a good idea of how big the Girls’ Generation fan base is in Europe.

Not only do we want to show Girls’ Generation how much love and support they get from European fans, we also want to enable fans to pass on their heartfelt messages to the girls. Besides that, we have noticed just how fun it is to get to know SONEs from all over Europe, and so we want to provide the means for the fans to meet each other as well. It is always more fun to have like-minded friends around.

We have only started this in November 2012 with a goal to organize projects SONEs. Since then, we have already done 2 successful projects.

Our very first project was a Christmas/New Years project, where we gathered Christmas/New Years wishes and greetings for the girls. In the hope they will enter the New Year happily and full of energy. These messages were rolled up and put in a handmade “countdown” calendar.

Eventually this project was successfully delivered to the girls by our staff themselves. Read more about the project here.

Our 2nd big project was to celebrate Girls’ Generation’s 6th anniversary. With the help of many SONEs, we created a fairy tale like “Storybook” on the story of the girls up until their 6th year together. Once again, we gathered messages from European SONEs, but this time we put the messages at the end of our Storybook. Like the previous project, this was successfully delivered to the girls. Our book was surprisingly featured in one of Sunny’s Instagram posts and Sooyoung even signed the book for us. Read more here.

We were also requested by a Korean fansite to collaborate with them on raising money to grow trees in Yeouido Island in Korea in celebration of Tiffany’s Birthday. As we thought this would be quite meaningful and great for the environment, we decided to set this up for European SONEs as well.

Our latest project is in support of Girls’ Generation’s newest mini album “Mr. Mr.”. In order to provide European SONEs with a cheaper price to buy the girls’ album, we decided to organize a bulk order for them. This has recently been closed with SONEs participating from all over Europe. Shipping will start soon for this, and that’s basically what we’ve been occupying ourselves with.

Once we have shipped and finalized our bulk order, we will start thinking of the next project again that we can do for European SONEs and Girls’ Generation. One thing that we do take great care is that we try choosing projects that are meaningful in the way that it comes from our hearts. With the limited resources and manpower we have at the moment, we always try to make the most out of what we can.

Hopefully we can continue expanding to a larger team, so we can create even bigger projects. So whomever thinks they have a great project in mind, feel free to share and let’s see if it’s possible to achieve.”

Sadly, we haven’t had a SNSD concert in the UK but maybe if they see how much love they are getting in Europe, it will raise our chances!

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