There are countless instances of male groups looking sharp in their suits, but what is like when the females take the lead? Let’s take a look!

Rather than the pimped up, sexy versions of suits that are donned so often by female groups, we’ll be looking at more traditional fashions, albeit with a touch of modern revamping. In particular, Girls’ Generation‘s suits for ‘Mr. Mr.’ and KARA‘s suits for ‘Damaged Lady’.

KARA use clean lines and simple shapes, culminating in incredibly elegant (and almost masculine) silhouettes. The straight leg trousers form a chic look which creates a slimming effect, rather than drawing focus on the curves. The high-waisted cut creates the illusion of extra long legs and this effect is increased by those super stilettos that add height and good form. The soft shoulder pads and tucked-in shirts add structure to the outfit, to match the heels, and also reinforce the idea of masculinity. Coupled with the soft, sweeping hairstyles that the group have taken on, the satin fabrics keep this outfit classy and feminine. The wearer of such an outfit comes across as smart, confident and ultimately alluring, without baring every inch of skin!

Girls’ Generation revert away from their name, opting for a less girly style here much like KARA. Their combat boots and fedoras make a big statement and show that they mean business from the off; this style isn’t being done half-heartedly! However, they have chosen to wear tighter-fitting waistcoats and skinny jeans (well, they have been voted as having the best legs for jeans before now!), but the chunky belts and boots bring out those masculine ideas again. In addition, this set of outfits include a few more accessories than the minimalist look that KARA went for. The layers and ties, plus the hats and belts, add interesting outfit points that create depth.

It is nice to see a girl group straying from the ‘sex-sells’ attitude, using their own charms and talent to show off their own appeal. While we can’t fit every group into a box and stereotype them, it is simply just refreshing to see more movement towards a different style and a gender fluidity. The most masculine concept Girls’ Generation have ever had, coming for a title song, ‘Mr. Mr.’ cannot be a coincidence, and it shows in the choreography, too. KARA used their sleek concept for ‘Damaged Lady’, a song title that brings the mind to gender before we even dig beneath the surface.

Which group’s concept do you like better? Have you got any more examples of similar styles in K-pop? Let us know in the comments below!


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