Considering that SNSD/Girls’ Generation have recently made their long-awaited comeback with ‘Mr.Mr’, you have probably been hearing a lot about this very successful girl group lately. Well, get ready for another slice of news – the ladies have been spotted within an article from the ‘Daily Mail”s website ‘MailOnline’!

Of course, this is not the first time that SNSD have been featured in British newspapers, but the way the girls popped up in this particular article made for quite an unexpected surprise.

The article actually covers American pop star Katy Perry and her very interesting outfit, seemingly inspired by a certain famous fast-food restaurant. While the author appears to be more preoccupied in repeatedly pointing out Perry’s relationship status, SNSD do get some specific mentions and feature in a few of the photographs.

Part read:

Katy posed with a group of young women at the conference for U-Express Live 2014, which was held at Saitama Super Arena, not too far from Tokyo. The women in question, who wore identical white dresses, were in fact Girls’ Generation, a South Korean girl group.”

– Iona Kirby (author).










The women were all involved in a press conference for U-Express Live 2014 which took place in Saitama, Japan.

You can take a look at the original article here.

What do you think of this, albeit incredibly brief, coverage?
Are their any other K-Pop acts that you would like to catch in UK news?

[Source: MailOnline].


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