Today Alternate Listening Tuesday features a production team you will almost certainly have heard of. Michael Kim, Chance of the trio One Way, and Park Jang Geun/ Jang Geun Yi, form the production duo Duble Sidekick and head the production company Duble Kick Entertainment.

Composer Mikey, and lyricist Jang Geun teamed up when Mikey was presented with the opportunity of producing MBLAQ’s entire 100% album. The chart successes of This Is War and Scribble set the Duble Sidekick team off to a great start, and their success has only continues. Mikey’s twitter description even states he is ‘Your favorite singer’s Producer‘ and for many that is probably right.

Prior to teaming up with Jang Geun, Mikey’s list of popular his is still vast. His creations include: Alive by 2PM’s Jun.K; B.A.P’s Bang Yong Guk’s pre-debut track I Remember featuring BEAST’s Yang Yoseob; and Super Junior’s A Short Journey.

Since teaming up they’ve created a multitude of popular kpop tracks, including: Miryo’s solo release Dirty; SISTAR’s Loving UGive It To Me and Miss Sister; alongside Donghae, Super Junior’s Y and Donghae & Eunhyuk’s I Wanna Love You and Oppa Oppa; DMTN’s E.R and Safety Zone; NS Yoon-G’s If You Love Me and Reason To Become a Witch; B.A.P’s Crash and the image changing Stop It; ZE:A’s The Ghost Of WindNU’EST’s Sleep Talking and Bumkey’s Attraction. Their most recent releases are Girl’s Day’s Something and BESTie’s Thank You Very Much, they’re also rumoured to be producing music for g.o.d for their eventual comeback. Of course, you can find much more music by them, this is only a fraction.

[youtube id=”BS3BYJYhEk4″]

The duo also formed Duble Kick Entertainment. The label consists of nine composers, each producing high quality music for the kpop industry, and aim to produce their own group in time. What sets Duble Kick apart from many other producers, such as Brave Brothers, is their ability to produce such a range of sounds, never limiting themselves to a style or genre.

To show their skills the team create Duble Kick Project albums. Volume 1 featured g.o.d’s Kim Tae Woo with When I Look At Myself. Volume 2 was led by LeeSSang’s Tears.
For Volume 3 the team took their hit SISTAR’s Loving U and remade it into an R&B track, sung by Mikey himself.

[youtube id=”oL2AlXWVbKU”]

[youtube id=”CKNFv65SMtA”]

Mikey’s version of the track features rapper Olltii from hip hop crew ADV (Angdreville), and the mv features the cousin of Girls’ Generation’s Yuri, Cha Hyun Jung. You can see Girls’ Generation’s new mv Mr.Mr in our MV Monday feature.

Most recently comes Volume 4, led by K.Will and Noel’s Jeon Woo Sung, with the powerful track Perfume.

[youtube id=”PhNpT2yy4qw”]

The mv features Lee Seunggi, and Duble Kick producers Tenzo and Tasco worked on the track after previously working on K. Will’s You Don’t Know Love.

With their numerous Song Writer and Composer of the Year awards, including Composer of the Year at the recent GAON Chart Kpop Awards, there is no doubt we’ll continue to see music produced by Duble Kick Ent.

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Do you have a favourite song by the Duble Kick Ent? Is their a Kpop artist you always look forward to working with Duble Sidekick?


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