Today Kpop Creators returns. Aiming to introduce you to the men and women that work behind the scenes to create the music we love so much, we began our journey with music video creators ZANYBROSIn this edition we will continue to look at a creator of mvs, DigiPedi.

DigiPedi was formed by two school friend, both of whom work under alias names. 1MoreTime (Wonmo Seong) and Oroshi (Sangwoo Park) didn’t create DigiPedi with the intention of making music videos, though the interest in their work grew and the doors that opened for the duo allowed their creativity to venture into said field.

DigiPediDigiPedi is, as we saw with ZANYBROS name, a portmanteau version of their full name, Digital Pedicure, a name that describes their passion for showing the beauty in their digital world.

Based in Seoul the DigiPedi studio produces music videos, advertising, 3D graphics, animation and even illustration, with both founders being skilled artists. They aim to not only create striking visuals, but aim to intentionally make a viewer think about the producer alongside the subject they have created for. Upon beginning to create music videos the studio weren’t recognised as another production company for music videos, rather a company that makes unusual videos. They’ve used this to their advantage as the reputation they have built finds their clients more willing to try out unusual ideas.

Part of their process of creating a concept for a music video includes a very unique method of colour mapping the music, its structure, and the feelings it evokes.

The Kpop clients DigiPedi have produced visuals for include:

Unknowingly watch a DigiPedi mv and you might not know how to spot the tell tale signs of who created it, but more often than not you know there is something stand out about it.

You can see DigiPedi at work with SHINee on the set of Dream Girl in the making of the mv exclusive video.

[youtube id=”8R1DnnCzObs”]

Check out some of our favourite DigiPedi mvs:

What is your favourite music video by a korean artist? Maybe we can tell you who it is by! 





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